Dialed-in, bottom feeder match-up

Paulie! Paulie!

Paul Konerko is earning every penny of his new three-year deal as he hit two more home runs last night, to give him 8 on the year with 24 RBI’s. Those numbers are better than the following players; Miguel Cabrera, Mark Teixeira, Albert Pujols, and Alex Rodriguez to name a few. He trails Jose Bautista by one for the AL lead in home runs, but leads him by eight in the RBI column.

The Sox took the final game against Baltimore to stop a five game skid, unlike the Detroit Tigers who continue their tailspin with their seventh straight loss. It’s funny, ever since Smitty asked me to respect the Tigers and give them some credit they’ve been terrible, especially their “proven” eighth inning specialist, Joaquin Benoit. Benoit has a 24 ERA over his last five appearances, while the less proven Sergio Santos notched his third save last night and still has not allowed a run in 15 plus innings.

The Sox face-off against the Twins starting tonight at the Cell for a quick two-game series. An 1-4, Francisco Liriano, takes the mound for the Twins with a 9.13 ERA, while the inconsistent Edwin Jackson takes the mound for the White Sox. Could be a long night out there. I don’t think anyone thought when this match-up was taking place that both teams would be fighting for their lives in the AL Central, but that is the case this evening. Should be interesting.

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