“Baseball opinions are like assholes… everybody’s got one and most of them stink.” —  Harry Caray

Pete and I have been great friends for about 15 years now, but our sports affinities couldn’t be more opposed.  I grew up in Michigan a huge Detroit Tiger fan (the 1984 Bless You Boys came around just in time for my 11th birthday) and have hated the White Sox since I first saw the 1981 Donruss Lamarr Hoyt card with the worst uniforms in the history of baseball (and uniforms).  I moved to Chicago after college and naturally became a fan of the Cubs.
Pete, on the other hand, grew up on the South Side a die-hard Sox fan and is never hesitant to bring up the their 2005 World Series championship. He’s also been following the San Francisco Giants since he was a kid after playing on the Giants little league team for years.  He also thought their logo was cool—that’s one thing I can’t disagree with him about.

The idea of having one blog from two writers with two very different perspectives  is to give a little broader view of the baseball landscape than you’d get out of a typical fan blog.  But really, it’s just an excuse to take our ridiculous arguments to the next level and possibly entertain (or annoy) some people along the way.