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Asshole of the Month: “Ass”tros Fan

A Houston Astros fan, identified only as “Bo,” takes this month’s honor.  The video pretty much says it all but the little details like the lame Zoo York hat he’s skillfully placed sideways on his thoughtless head and the fact that HE KEPT THE BALL seal the deal.  Bo “Ass”tros Fan: you are an asshole. … Continue reading

Asshole of the Month: Hanley Ramirez

Florida Marlins’ superstar shortstop Hanley Ramirez made headlines this week on and off the field with his lack of hustle compounded by a complete lack of respect for his manager and teammates. When Marlin’s manager Fredi Gonzalez benched his ass for slowly trotting after a ball he had booted into left field, Ramirez didn’t hesitate … Continue reading

Asshole of the Month: Matthew Clemmens

While Milton Bradley’s prolific assholian resumé always puts him in the running for our Asshole of the Month award (this month: flipping off Texas fans and getting sued by his former Chicago landlord $44,000 in unpaid rent), but this month’s runaway winner is also an early front-runner for Asshole of the Year. 21-year-old Philadelphia Phillies … Continue reading