One step forward and twelve steps back best describes the result of the White Sox game last night, as the Sox dropped to 5 – 10 and lost 12-0 to the Tampa Bay Rays. Buerhle looked nothing like the picher that pitched a perfect game against the Rays last year and the hitters looked lost at the plate to an effectively wild Wade Davis. Of course the Sox were facing Davis for the first time and they had the same old results, nothing!

The good news of the day is that manager, Ozzie Guillen, ended with his cable service working after tweeting about it. I’ve supported Ozzie Guillen since he arrived as the White Sox manager, and how can you not since brought us a World Championship in 2005 but enough is enough. The Sox are no better than they were in 2009 at the moment and there have been little signs of hope since the hitting has been Jeckyll and Hyde for the first 15-games of the season.

I know that Ozzie agreed not to tweet about the Sox or baseball, but since tweeting is getting such great results for Ozzie maybe he should tweet the following today: “My team is not swinging the bats well. They Suck. The call themselves professionals. Please.”