Jones receives a walk-off Birthday celebration at home plate.

The White Sox organization has had a unique way of grabbing “has-beens” and turning them into All-Stars or serviceable players. They grabbed Yankee throw aways, Orlando Hernandez and Jose Contreras, and they helped the White Sox win a World Championship in 2005, before that it was an old and battered Tom Seaver who went on to have 15 and 16-win seasons with the White Sox, or how about Carlton Fisk hitting 37-homerruns and swiping 17 bags at age 37 for the White Sox in 1985. Fisk continued to flourish after that hitting double-digit home runs until age 42 for the White Sox.

The latest addition to that list is Andruw Jones whom on his 33-birthday last night hit a walk-off home run to lead the White Sox to a 7-6 victory over the Seattle Mariners. It was Jones’ second home run of the evening and sixth of this young season. He’s not only hitting home runs and driving in runs, but he’s stealing bases, also. He only has 41 at-bats which currently paces him out at a home run every 6.8 ab’s. He’s added three stolen bases to his numbers and may be best defensive outfielder the Sox have, but because of being loaded in the outfield they have mainly used Jones as a designated hitter.

Jones longs to be an everyday player and with the dismal returns for the White Sox offense in this young season he has played himself into an everyday role. He brings a desire and passion that is lacking in other professional athletes because they take their starting positions for granted. Jones attitude is the type of attitude that can ignite a team and it looks like the White Sox will be willing to ride his wave.

After reliever J.J. Putz gave up a grand slam and the lead to the Mariners in the sixth the Sox entered the dugout with a will to win claimed manager Ozzie Guillen. It’s been reported recently that the Sox have been hanging their heads a little bit with their terrible start to the season, but not last night. They tied the game back-up on a Alex Rios double and then went on to win behind the bat of Jones.

Maybe the Sox weren’t a bounce away from the season turning, maybe it was a bomb away and they may have happened last night.