Before the Cubs could complete a three-game sweep of the Milwaukee Brewers, there was a little drama from Cub nation. During Cubs batting practice on Sunday at Miller Park, a man said to be in his 20s wearing Cubs gear fell over the left-field wall trying to catch a foul ball according to the Chicago Tribune. The man fell 14-feet and according to Roger Caplinger, Brewers head athletic trainer, he was cut and bleeding from the face but conscious.

Ryan Theriot said he was “very shaken up” by the scene and then said this, “There’s got to be something to prevent that.” There is Ryan, tell Cub fans to stay home. The fascination Cub fans have with baseballs is very similar to a dog with a bone.

The most notorious is the 2003 Bartman incident, which still makes me laugh. There were a few fans going for that ball and the one that looked like the biggest dork got singled out, shocking! It’s just a ball! Get out of the way, let Moises Alou catch it, and maybe, just maybe the papers may have read, “The 2003 Cubs finally bring a baseball championship back to Chicago.” Well, there was a headline like that but it was posted in 2005 and featured the White Sox instead.

A less notorious incident involved myself, my good friend Pat McDonald, and a couple of Cub fan in the bleachers. Pat and I took a Friday afternoon off and went to the Cubs game; we got there early so we could get a decent seat in the bleachers. While the Arizona Diamonbacks were taking batting practice a ball was killed and headed right towards me. I mean it was as it the ball was hit to me. As I was going to put my beer down to catch the ball some Cub-lovin’ frat boy barrels into me, knocks over my beer in an attempt to catch the ball. He doesn’t apologize or offer to buy me a beer; no he grabs the ball and begins to walk back to his seat.

“What the fuck,” I exclaim.
“It’s a ball, dude,” said the Cub fan.

It’s a ball? No shit Einstein, but I’m wearing my beer so you could get a batting practice ball from the opposing team? If he were a true Cub fan he probably should have thrown it back, right? The Diamondbacks saw this and tossed a ball up to me, which I handed over to child that was a few rows over. After glaring at the guy for about 15-minutes he finally said sorry, but did not offer to replenish my frosty beverage.

Which leads me to my next bone of contention; the Cub fans blatant disrespect for beer! They often find it funny to spill beer on opposing teams players or throw beer onto the field in displeasure. What a waste! I don’t get it? There’s nothing funny about it all.

These incidents are not isolated as this sort of hi-jinx takes place every year at Wrigley, and with Cub fans on the road. So is a baseball so precious that it’s worth knocking over a fan, interfering with a play or falling 14-feet and smashing your face.  I think not, nothing’s worth a broken face, it it?