The Sox dig the long ball!

Ozzie Guillen preached how he wanted a team that could move on the bases without having to rely on the longball, and while the Sox are much faster on the basepaths (22 stolen bases, 3rd in the majors) they haven’t won a game without a homer. In the White Sox eight wins they have hit 19 home runs, and in their 12 loses they’ve hit seven. They are also sitting in third in the majors with 26 home runs this season and are on pace to hit 222 long balls.

When you see 22 stolen bases and 26 home runs it seems like a winning formula, yet most of those stats have occurred in the eight wins, with little offensive production in the 12 loses. It also does not help when your table-setter, Juan Pierre,  has an OBP of .268 and is a liability at times in the field. Sox fans let’s be honest, our left fielder is not that much better defensively than Willie Mays Hayes on the Northside of town.

I will call attention to last nights performance of Juan Pierre in left. Recently called-up Texas Rangers catcher, Matt Treanor, tagged a ball to left off of Mark Buerhle. The ball was hit well, but totally catchable, but Juan who looked like Soriano, more worried about the wall than catching the ball, blew the play and two runs scored. To me that was an error because Pierre misjudged the ball, but another flaw in baseball is his glove did not touch the ball so it would not be scored as an error. BOOOOOOO!!!!

The Sox would not resign Scott Podsednik because they wanted a defensive improvement in the outfield, yet with Pierre in left there is no improvement, so let’s call attention to Pods current stats; .438 OBP, 26 hits, 8 stolen bases, 8 RBIs, and 7 runs. I’m waiting for the .308 lifetime hitter Juan Pierre to show-up and I’m waiting for some timely base hits from the Sox.

While I believe that Ozzie has a team that can move from first to third, and win a game with bunting, stealing, and sacrificing we have yet to see it all click. Again, 22 stolen bases as a team in this young season makes me optimistic but with most of the starters hitting under .250 it leaves those runners on base in scoring position.

The Sox did not homer last night and lost 4-2,including leaving the bases loaded in the 7th inning. A hit at that point would have put my mind at ease, but I will not panic until May 15 like I originally stated to friends and fellow Sox fans. To quote the late, great Harry Caray, “Let’s get some runs!”