PANIC!  The Cubs just lost two games to the perennial cellar-dwelling Nationals in the last 20 hours!  The warm and fuzzy feeling we had after dominating the Brewers in their home ballpark has quickly evaporated.

Fortunately, a timely distraction was leaked this afternoon—the possibility that 20-year-old SS phenom, Stalin Castro, will be called up from the minors sooner than later.  Castro is tearing up the Southern League with a .370 average, 1.008 OPS and 18 RBI in 19 games at Double-A Tennessee.  Apparently, Cubs Assistant GM, Randy Bush, is down with the Smokies monitoring his progress first-hand.

Offense aside, the addition of Castro would be an improvement defensively since he has far more range and a stronger arm than Theriot at short.  But I wouldn’t take “The Riot’s” hot bat out of the lineup so I say move him to second and leave Fontenot and Baker to battle for at-bats.

The only risk is that such a young player could lose confidence if he struggles out of the gate. But I don’t think Hendry can afford to think that way as this may be his last year as GM if he can’t produce a winner with this over-payed ball club. Time is not a luxury at this point.  It all just makes too much sense for this not to happen soon.   Don’t make the same mistake JFK did back in ’61, Jim.  You’ve got Castro in your sights—pull the trigger.