So I emailed the brain trust behind Major League Assholes yesterday about starting a daily posting about Juan Pierre called the Juan Watch or Juan “the Waste” Watch, as his average and OBP continue to fade, and he continually kills rallies for the White Sox. A huge element of the Juan Watch is the fact that he’s our lead-off hitter, the man who is suppose single or walk, steal second and maybe third, and score at the very least on a sacrifice fly. Something Scott Podsednik provided the White Sox with consistently in 2005 and part of 2009.

Well, before we could even get the Juan Watch started the Oz Man has pulled the plug on the leadoff man and he will be sitting out this evening’s game against the Yankees. Ozzie may be moving Juan “the Waste” to the ninth spot in the line-up. Meanwhile, Pods has a .420 OBP and eight stolen bases for the Kansas City.

Pierre made it easy on Ozzie yesterday to make the decision to sit him this evening game going 0-5 including hitting into another double play and popping out with runners in scoring position. As a Sox fan I’m thankful the Juan Watch didn’t even get started since we need a real leadoff hitter, the problem is there’s talk of Mark Teahan. I feel like we’re back in a Nick Swisher situation again. Teahan is not your prototypical leadoff hitter, but does show a lot of plate patience.

I kind of feel like I recorded the entire 2009 Sox season and I’m watching it on my DVR.