Lilly suffers a massive headache after yesterday's performance

I’m headed to the Wrigley bleachers in about an hour for the second time in two days hoping that the Cubs decide to actually show up this time.  Yesterday’s debacle didn’t affect the taste of my beer, but it also didn’t give me much confidence that Ted “The Savior” Lilly is going to be the answer the Cubs have been looking for to turn this season around.  His 4th-inning collapse was only tempered mildly for me since Adam LaRsche was the architect of the Cubs’ demise as his 3-run bomb also helped my fantasy team (the Northside  Scapegoats) leap into 3rd place. He added another HR later and ended the day with 5 RBI (hey, if the Cubs are going to get killed I might as well profit from it somehow, right?).  I also got to see my first grand slam of the year, albeit a completely meaningless one from the Fuk U Dome in the 8th.

But, just to add insult to injury, I received a scornful text from my blogging counterpart questioning my commitment to this blog since I hadn’t provided live updates during the game.  What Pete failed to consider is that I lack the fancy iPhone technology that he possess, making this impossible.  I’ve still got a shitty Razr, but that may be changing soon if Apple follows through on their rumored plans to dump AT&T and open up the iPhone to multiple service providers (but that’s a subject for other, even-nerdier blogs than this).

Regardless, I’m headed to Wrigley hoping Randy Wells can right the ship and also hoping A-Ram (.159 avg.) and D Lee (.193 avg.) can get their heads out of their asses and actually do something productive.  Wish us luck.