After a decent amount of baseball and some cocktails I like to talk sports with my friends, and for some reason I’m friends with a large amount of Cub fans (it’s like purgatory sometimes.) The White Sox had just lost to the Yankees, 6-4, and there were Cub fans cheering for the White Sox loss, which winds me up.

I was ready to talk baseball with my asshole partner, Smitty and my friend Kevin, both Cub fans. After some Pierre ripping which is hard to defend, though as a dedicated White Sox fan I defended the idea of Pierre not the result thus far the conversation shifted somehow to biking.

What the fuck? Biking and the Tour De France and how awesome Lance Armstrong was, stroke, stroke, stroke, suck, suck, suck. I jumped in for a moment to note how much I hated Armstrong as a person. Then expressed my displeasure with the conversation. That did not slow the invigorating biking conversation at all. HELP ME!!!

Captured from Smitty's thoughts

I turned to my wife and Kevin’s wife and started talking music with them. My wife is from the East coast so there were some texts from her Dad taunting me after the Yankees win. Talk of a sweep, but then I reminded him that “Big Game” Javy was pitching with his 9.00 ERA today. Thank God I had someone else to turn to and have a more manly discussion.

Somehow the conversation never even drifted to the Kentucky Derby or Mosley/Mayweather, both big sporting events taking place today, no it was biking.

This was not what I expected when we all met at Michael’s in Uptown, not even close. For my sanity in future drinking endeavors I might have to keep Smitty and Kevin away from each other. I may have misheard this but I thought they also mentioned their passion for planting and growing things, but I could be wrong.