They stink! This is not going to be a long write-up about the White Sox and the positives and negatives of their April. They are under .500, they have hit into more double plays than any other team in baseball and their starting pitching has been atrocious except for John Danks and Freddy Garcia (only one bad outing with seven runs.) The bullpen was good. They are also at the bottom of the league with hits with runners in scoring position where they bat under the Mendoza line and the Sox have now used four different leadoff hitters as they enter into the first two games of May.

The only good news is that nothing is won in April and the AL Central always seems to be a three-team race as of late with someone dropping out around mid-September.

As far as I’m concerned about giving a team a report card it fails to point out the intangibles which the White Sox have non of those kinds of stats. They are pressing because they know their team has underperformed and Ozzie Guillen does not seem to be able to get them out of their funk. You might be tempted to give their offense a B because they are third in home runs and first in stolen bases. Not gonna happen because who cares when you don’t win games.

Individual stats mean nothing unless your are winning, so giving an offense a C, and the starting pitching a D, and so on because of some numbers on a piece of paper or someone’s batting average has never worked for me. It’s a team game and this team gets a big fat F.

A quick opinion: In regards to the Tigers report card and the Cubs report cards. While I would give the Tigers an A, the Cubs with a $140 payroll would also get a big fat F for April (their May is looking better thus far.)