Get it straight buster, I'm not here to say please!

To quote the great Winston Wolfe, “Hey Cub fans let’s not start sucking each other’s dicks quite yet.” The calls and comments started yesterday for me as the Cubs won their third straight over the Arizona Diamondbacks and the White Sox lost two-out-of-three to the Yankees.

Before Cub fans get too excited over their .500 Cubs team, they should look at what they’ve been facing, not a lot of good teams. The combined record of the eight teams that the Cubs have faced is 89 – 110, with only two of those teams with a better than .500 record. The Mets and Nationals, who are the two teams over .500, are three and one game over .500 respectively.

Things have been a little different for the White Sox who have faced seven different teams with a combined record of 97 – 77 with five of those teams playing .500 or better. I’m not saying that this excuses how the White Sox have played, but before Cub fans start talking trash I suggest your team plays somebody with a good record.

On the other hand, a win is a win not matter who you beat and there are no extra points at the end of the season for beating better teams. Not that the Sox are doing that either.

I think the expectations are the same on both sides of town, we expect both teams to be competitive and while the Cubs seem to be heading in the right direction I’m not so sure everyone should get so excited about it just yet.

At the same time, maybe Sox fans should take a deep breath and exhale as the Sox are poised to win two home series against the Royals (10-15) and Blue Jays (13-13.)

Meanwhile, the Cubs continue to play an extremely easy schedule as they play the Pirates (10-15) and the Reds (12-13) over the next week, anything less than a 4-2 record for the Cubs would be unacceptable, while the Sox need to go 5-2 at the very least.

Jake Peavy having a strong outing tonight would be a step in the right direction for the White Sox tonight and some timely hitting would be well received. We’ll see how it all plays out as my season doom clock ticks closer to mid-May.