Mowing them down!

I could not hold back my excitement last night as Jake Peavy cruised to his first victory of the season against the Kansas City Royals at the Cell last. I text Silvy, from the Waddle and Silvy Show on ESPN 1000 radio, the following prior to the game, ‘Peavy 8 strong tonight. Pierre 3 for 5. The Kool-Aid is tasty.’ He replied ‘watch out…could be full of the date rape drug.’ Well, I was pretty close in pre-game prediction and I remained pure. Peavy went seven strong, striking out nine and letting up four hits. Pierre actually had a hit in the leadoff spot, scored two runs and stole two bases.

Peavy’s last 13.1 innings have been incredible, 1 run, 16 strikeouts, 6 hits, and 3 walks, so when doubters say “it was KC,” take note that he kept a good hitting Texas Rangers team in check after the first inning. Peavy did not allow a hit until the fourth inning and had a 94-mph fastball working in last evening’s game against the Royals and had a nasty off-speed pitch that was falling off the table.

Besides the Peavy love fest that I was having last night, I was also enjoying the Sox driving in runs on base hits, moving runners over, and staying out of double plays with speed. This was the first signs of the Sox performing like Ozzie Guillen had talked about in the preseason, since their opening day thumping of the Indians.

While all of this greatness was going on at the Cell I was also enjoying a fired-up Chicago Blackhawks team taking it to the Vancouver Canucks with a 4-2 win, way to go Hawks and thanks for completing the Chicago sports perfecta last night.