Bradley and West giving youngsters some tips during their new PSA.

Milton Bradley and his hip-hop twin, Kanye West, have teamed up for a new public service announcement, “How to be an asshole and still make money.” The PSA will begin airing later this week and will feature Bradley and West sharing examples from their lives on how being an asshole has helped them make even more money.

The PSA runs just under five minutes and will air during Saturday morning cartoons, while some parents will probably object to this type of programing Bradley thinks it’s important to start this at a young age.

“Being an asshole starts when you’re young and it’s important to shape little assholes into big assholes, like me and Kanye. Do you think the hockey Dad that attacks a ref at a game just flipped? Hell no! He was a little asshole and now he’s a big one.”

Bradley’s legendary asshole status grew larger yesterday evening as he was removed from the Seattle Mariner’s game by his manager for acting like an asshole. He was not available for comment after the game because he had left the building. When we spoke with Bradley the other day he hinted that this PSA could turn into an instructional video based on response.

We tried to reach West for comment but he busy interrupting someone.