The Chicago baseball week keeps the same theme again this upcoming week as the Cubs have two teams under .500 rolling into town, Marlins and Pirates, while the White Sox will have a little relief over the weekend against the Royals, but have to face off against the Minnesota Twins first.

Let’s start on the North side since I’ll be at Wrigley this evening to watch the All-Star pitching match-up between ex-Tigers hurler, Nate Robertson, and the I may have returned too early from my rehab assignment, Ted Lilly. I think if the Cubs don’t go at least 5-2 on this home stand you have to call it a year. The schedule does not get easier as they will start playing real contenders, so it’s time to take advantage of a weak schedule. This evening’s game could easily see over 20-runs scored between the Cubs and Marlins.

The fact that the Cubs are 14-18 after playing a schedule that any real contender should have been feasting upon is not good.

At least the latest Cubs sideshow, Starlin Castro, will be making his debut at Wrigley this evening. After an incredible, record-breaking debut he’s come back down to earth. Since going 2-5 with a run, home run, and six-rbi’s in his debut, he’s gone 2-7 with a run scored. Reality Bites!

The same reality is biting poster boy, Gordon Beckham, on the South side of town, who can’t seem to stay above the Mendoza line. He struggled again on Sunday, and his best hit seems to be taking a walk.

Hopefully, Beckham’s woes will not continue for the Sox this week as they visit Minnesota for a two-game series and KC for a three-game weekend series. The good news is the Royals are struggling and are ripe for the picking, but the Twins who were suppose to struggle this season at their new stadium, Target Field, have done anything but that. The Twins are atop the AL Central at 21-11, and the Sox really need to take both games.

Thankfully, Gavin Floyd is not pitching in the two game series, and if the Sox can hit like they have been they can easily take both games.

The Sox really need a 5-0 trip this week as they only are playing five games before they embark on 17-straight games that include a two game series against the Tigers, a four-game series at Tampa Bay, and visit from Angels. Should be interesting. A 4-1 record over the next five games would be tolerable.

The fact the Sox have played a much more difficult schedule than the Cubs is no excuse for their dismal 13-19 record as well as them being 8-games out of first place in the AL Central. I’m moving my May 15 date back to June 1 based on some recent interviews with Kenny Williams.

In the end, it’s time for both teams to put-up or shut-up and play well.