The lucky part is that defense isn't involved

Through a series of typically immature and misguided comments posted on the blog yesterday, Pete and I have decided to put our money where our keyboards are (so to speak) and settled on the terms of a bet involving the offensive performance of the Cubs new shortstop, Starlin Castro.

If Castro has a batting average of .250 or below after this Friday’s game, I will have to endure the torture of wearing one of Pete’s many White Sox jerseys to the Cubs/Sox game in the bleachers at Wrigley on Friday, June 11th.  Conversely, if Castro’s average remains above .250, Pete will have to wear a Cubs jersey of my choosing to the game—a humiliation of epic proportions.

Despite Pete’s notion that one’s true fanhood can only be measured by the number of jerseys one owns, I’ve never felt wearing another man’s name on my back proved much of anything, so I do not own a Cubs jersey.  However, for this contest I’ll be happy to purchase one—I’m just not sure which.  Keeping in mind he’ll have to wear it for one day while I’ll own it for many years to come, my top options at this point are:

Castro #13seems appropriate for the bet
Zambrano #38he’s the reason we started this blog in the first place
Piniella #41 haven’t seen many of those at the ballpark
Trammell #3my favorite Tiger of my youth and the Cubs current bench coach
Smith #55my favorite number
Verniere #00so everyone knows what a huge Cubs fan he is

Castro’s average dropped down to .285 from .333 after going 0-2 with two walks last night (luckily, defense is NOT a part of the bet).  Assuming he gets four at-bats in each of the next three games, Starlin will only need to get three more hits for me to win.  Of course, my odds improve if he walks, hits a sac fly, gets hit by a pitch, Lou decides to bench him and/or if there are any rainouts from now through Friday so I really like my chances.

To be continued…