Turn that frown upside down.

My visit to the Friendly Confines last night went about as well as my visit to the Cell on Sunday afternoon, a loss. The games were a bit similar as a late inning home run sank the Cubs last night as it did the Sox on Sunday. At least, I got to see the messiah, Starlin Castro, the proclaimed defensive improvement at shortstop by Smitty. Well, three errors last night does not seem to be much of a defensive improvement including a lollygag play that allowed Hanley Ramirez to get to second on an infield error. Way to keep your head in the game Castro; you’re awesome!

One of the security staff turned to us in the bleachers and said, “There’s your next hall of famer. [chuckle]” I laughed out loud, and thought, wow tough love from the Wrigley security staff.

He was riled up because the pariah known as Ronnie Woo-Woo had entered the bleachers and muttered, “Great, the bane of my existence.” He explained how ticket brokers give Ronnie tickets to get into the bleachers. Of course, we know the stories of the idiot Cub fan who paid top dollar to send Ronnie to the White Sox playoffs and World Series games to heckle Sox fans and try and “jinx” the White Sox. No curses on the South-side buddy just a 2005 World Championship you bitter Cub fan.

It was fun night at the Wrigley with Smitty and the sandwich artist, even though we watched Chicago baseball continue to suffer. Is this a preview of the summer ahead, because if it is it’s going to be painful.