Looks like it’s all over but the shouting—and it was never even close! Unless the Cubs soon-to-be-All-Star shortstop, Starlin Castro finds a way to go 0-for-10 against the Pirates on Friday, he’ll finish with an average well above .250, forcing PV to don a Cubs jersey of my choice to the Cubs/Sox game on Friday, June 11th.

Despite Verniere’s disparaging remarks, Castro followed his strong debut weekend in Cincinnati with four more hits and two walks in three games against Florida, cinching our bet with a full game left.  PV was surprisingly gracious in defeat, sending me a congratulatory concession e-mail this afternoon.

Now for the tough part—what jersey do I go with:  Home pinstripes?  Classic road gray? Bold royal blue alternate?  And then what name and number?  Since my first obvious choice, “ASSHOLE”, was summarily rejected by MLB Properties (some BS about being “inappropriate, derogatory, or profane”, whatever…) so I think I might go with a Theriot #2 alternate jersey since he’s a solid player, we share the same first name, 2 is a cool number and “The Riot” is about the coolest nickname since Mark “The Bird” Fidrych.  Regardless, I’m just happy I won’t have to endure a brutal afternoon in the bleachers with one of Verniere’s sweat-stained David Wells jerseys.

If you happen to be in the bleachers on the 11th, be sure to look for the highly-intoxicated and apparently confused “Cubs fan” hurling insults at the home team while lamenting another Sox loss—it’ll be awesome.  Thanks for playing, Pete.