Well, while I knew the odds of winning the bet I placed with Smitty were stacked against me I stuck to my word. To stir the pot I blurted out that Starlin Castro would be hitting .250 by the weekend, which meant roughly that he needed three hits in four days or a possible 16 at-bats. Castro has hit that mark already, and he needs to go hitless in 10 straight plate appearances on Friday for me to pull in a winner. Not gonna happen, so I will tip my cap to Agent Starlin. I thought living with Soriano and cocktailing to all hours of the morning would effect him this week, but I was wrong.

Agent Starlin was able to not break under the pressure of the Wrigley Boo-birds that reared their ugly heads on Monday night. He responded with two errorless games and three hits. Not bad kid, not bad. Let me ask you this Agent Starlin, “have the goats stopped screaming?”

Now the most unthinkable event will occur, I have to wear a Cubs jersey during the Cubs/Sox game at Wrigley on June 11 in the bleachers. I’m a little concerned about my skin burning and Smitty having to recite the word, “May the power of Cubs compel you! May the power of Cubs compel you,” while he kraeusens me with Old Style with a cross made from baseball bats.

This may be a gross exaggeration of what will occur, but that’s what it’s going to feel like to me. I’m sure I’ll be itchy all day in that thing. At least I can take it off after the game.