PV will don the #47 of the Shooter, Rod Beck

When you consider the mullet, the fu manchu, the piles of Bud cans behind the Winnebago, the gut and the nickname, the choice of Cubs jersey to pay off our Starlin Castro bet  was easy: the #47 of the Shooter himself, Rod Beck (may he rest in peace).

The three-time All-Star had a career-high 51 saves with the Cubs in 1998 (my first year living in Chicago) including the final one in Game 163 over the Giants to clinch a playoff berth.

But he was just as well known for  his wild look—which must have inspired Eastbound & Down‘s Kenny Powers—and his likable nature .  At one point, while at Triple-A Iowa, he lived in a Winnebago parked just beyond the outfield fence where fans would drop by for autographs and stay for a few beers.  Awesome.

The best part is that both Pete and my physiques fit the part as well.  So if you happen to be in the bleachers on June 11, get your camera phones ready. It’ll be a one-in-a-lifetime event and a beautiful sight—a miserable PV in a stunning, royal blue, authentic Cubs jersey.