We were the champions!

My writing partner, Smitty, posted an article yesterday that made me question his thinking. He’s about to purchase his first Cubs jersey since becoming a Cub fan in 1998, maybe 1996, we’ll just say late 90’s. The question at hand is who should be on the jersey? For those of you not following this story let me give you a little background, I made a statement on the blog that Starlin Castro would be hitting .250 by the weekend, needless to say that is not going to happen. Now I have to wear a Cubs jersey to the Crosstown Classic at Wrigley on Friday, June 11. Smitty will be purchasing the jersey not just for that day, but he’ll be wearing the jersey for the rest of his Cub-life. That being said I must question his choices for names on the jersey?

  1. Castro – Not sure if he’s the real deal or not, could be a mistake. Think of all those Beckham jerseys out there right now.
  2. Big Z – I understand this from an annoying me factor, but do you really want a $91 million set-up man and resident pariah.
  3. Piniella – Ah, Sweet Lou… he hasn’t done jack as a manager. Dusty took the team further.
  4. Tenderfoot – An inside joke, and I would love to see Smitty wear this to Cubs games in the future.
  5. Smith – Who gets there own name put on a jersey? We know who does that and Smitty is better than that.
  6. Sosa – One of the inspirations behind the name of this site, but really the worst choice.

As I pondered the different names Smitty could put on the back of his jersey I went to my Great Grandfather’s grave, dug him up, opened the casket, and took the 1908 Cubs World Series program out of his hand. Oddly enough, it was in pretty good shape since it has been buried for 80 plus years. It had a slightly musty smell not that different from Wrigley and a heavy layer of dust.

Why not put a champion on the back of the jersey? Here are a few suggestions that I found in the program.

  1. Mordecai Brown – Went 29-9 with a 1.27 era and 312.1 innings pitched. If they had counted saves in 1908 he would have had 5 saves also. He had a zero earned run average in the World Series with two wins.
  2. Joe Tinker – hit the game winning two run homer off Detroit Tigers starter, Bill Donovan, to give the Cubs their second win in a row over the Tigers.
  3. Orval Overall – Pitched in relief and had two starts in the 1908 World Series including holding the Tigers to only three hits in the clinching game five at Bennett Park in Detroit in front of the smallest crowd in World Series history, 6,210.
  4. Johnny Evers – Started all five games of the 1908 World Series scoring five runs, stealing two bases, batting .350, and driving in two.
  5. Frank Chance – Stole five bases, batted .421, scored four runs, and drove in two.

Those are a few choices for Smitty that will give him a chance to put a championship name on his back. If Smitty had lost the bet he would have had his pick of the litter of Championship names, Buerhle, Garland, Konerko, and Thomas (he may have not played but he was on the roster.) It’s Smitty’s choice!