Yeah that’s right Bud Selig open your ears and make the right choice and move the All-Star game from Arizona in 2011 and why not make it Chicago. With SB 1070 in effect the constitution has been put at risk, and no one in the commissioners’ office is listening.

Ozzie finally made some sense when he spoke recently about next year’s All-Star game in Arizona. Guillen said he would not participate in the All-Star game because of the law that allows police to determine someone’s immigration status. While Ozzie’s participation in the All-Star game is very undetermined at this point, as the White Sox do not look like they’ll be playing for a Championship anytime soon, but maybe Ozzie was anticipating a coaching invite from Joe Maddon next year.

The most shocking part of the story is there’s a lot of money at risk for MLB and Selig is surely aware of that. Advertisers may pull out, fans will not travel to Arizona for the game, it probably will not sell-out, and players may not participate. Surely Bud should put aside his pride and make the right decision. Move the game to Chicago, where according to the Census Bureau we have one of the top three Hispanic populations in the country. That would be a statement, as well as a celebration on the field in Chicago saluting Hispanic heritage. That would the right thing to do, but unfortunately Selig will probably make the wrong decision and leave the All-Star game in Arizona.

Let’s hope the White Sox make some noise and make this issue even more uncomfortable for Bud next season. Bud you are not the man and most likely will never be the man. Congrats to Ozzie for finally getting on the board this week, he’s now 1-2 on the season.