As I just watched Gavin Floyd snap off a nasty curveball on the outside corner of the plate in the first inning against the KC Royals this afternoon I’m hoping this is the start of the Gavin Floyd rebound. We’ve watched the “GF Rebound” the last two seasons. After struggling in April and the early part of May , he settles down and takes a no-hitter deep into a game.

The White Sox also just scored two runs, one on a solo shot from Alex Rios and then three base hits in a row, much like last nights game, a 5-4 winner over the Royals. A win this afternoon would give the Sox two straight victories and some momentum heading into Comerica Park on Monday.

Hopefully this game goes smoothly so the Sox can get into Detroit and get Miguel Cabrera out for some cocktails. This plan seems to work well as it removes his bat from the series. The good news is the Tigers pitching is venerable, but their bats surely make up for it.

If the Sox start playing like they’ve been playing for the last five innings they will be difficult to beat. The sad part is I have to get excited over the last five innings. Baby steps Pete, baby steps.