The Sox could only muster good play for six innings (three from the night prior) as things fell apart in Kansas City this afternoon in the fourth inning. A easy pop-up that fell between three White Sox players led to a three run inning and that was the beginning of the end. I realize the no glove touched the ball, but someone should have caught the ball. Somehow, the screwed scoring system of errors in Major League Baseball does not call that an error.

The ball hung up for a day, it should have been caught, is that not an error? I guess not, eventhough Gavin Floyd made a good two-strike pitch to get the pop-up. It’s obvious that MLB should take a look at how they score errors, but that’s a much larger discussion.

The Sox failed again and made an average pitcher look Cy Young worthy.

I’m calling for a TWO GAME SWEEP OF THE TIGERS!!! Freddy Garcia and John Danks can surely get job done. LET”S GO SOX!