So I’ve got bleacher tickets again tonight at Wrigley (I know—”we’re happy for ya!”) but man, I was really hoping this game would get rained out for a lot of reasons:  1) the Cubs could use a break—losing a series at home to the stinkin’ Pirates is evidence enough,  2) the game would most likely be rescheduled for a night when it isn’t 50º with intermittent showers and 20 mph winds, and 3) I’d really rather watch the Tigers beat up on the Sox at 6:05—few things give me more pleasure.

The Tigers come into the series looking like an angry team on a mission to make up for last year’s shortcomings.  They’re now a scorching 14-5 at home coming off big series wins over the Yankees and Red Sox. Their major weakness, starting pitching, seems to be coming around now averaging just over 2 runs per game over the last seven.

The sense of urgency is palpable throughout the entire organization after Jim Leyland & Dave Dombrowski sent struggling youngsters Scott Sizemore and Max Scherzer to the minors over the weekend in favor of proven vets Carlos Guillen and Armando Galarraga.  But we’ll know they’re serious if Miguel Cabrera stays out of the hotel bar with the Sox’ Venezuelan cartel.  Big Mig has a lot to prove in this quick two-game series and I think he will.