Cabrera’s Choice (click here for song)

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so let’s send in Freddy Garcia to hang out with buddy and Detroit Tigers first baseman, Miguel Cabrera. It’s no secret that last season Freddy, Miguel, and rumored Ozzie Guillen went out and tied one on as the Tigers teetered on the brink of elimination from the playoffs. Cabrera had a terrible series and it led to a one game playoff against the Twins that ended the Tigers going home, again.

The Sox are looking for some kind of spark even though tonight’s starter, Freddy Garcia, is going for this seventh straight win at Comerica Park and has not last there since 2002 as a Seattle Mariner. Garcia’s overall record is 16-6 against the Tigers with a 3.76 ERA. You have to like the White Sox chances especially since for some reason the Tigers are in early season panic mode as they have moved Justin Verlander to Tuesday to square-off against John Danks. Probably not a good idea for a pitcher whose arm is probably a little tired from the 240 innings he pitched last season.

Add in the Garcia/Cabrera relationship and it would seem the Tigers are ripe for the taking in this two game series. A hungover Garcia leads to extra sweat on the ball for Freddy which will lead to a better break. The Sox look again to “Sweaty” Freddy to lead them to victory after a Gavin Floyd loss. Don’t forget to check out Cabrera’s theme song by clicking on “Cabrera’s Choice” above.