Big Bob is back

Good news, all the concerns that Smitty accurately and vehemently expressed in the latest update on Carlos Zambrano’s role as a Cub, well it’s all been answered… Bob Howry. That’s right Cub fans, Bob Howry has been signed by the Cubs and will join the team in Texas on Friday. According to Comcast Sports he will be used as a setup man.

This is the Bob Howry who could not keep his job with the 16-24 Arizona Diamondbacks because his ERA is 10.67, that’s higher than Zambrano’s. This is not the move you would have hoped for to solidify your bullpen issues, a set-up man with a 10.67 ERA. In 14.3 innings this season he has walked six, struck out six, and has a WHIP of 1.67. Howry’s last season with the Cubs was 2008 when he had a 5.385 ERA, not to terribly great either. Good Luck!