Phil Rogers, sports columnist for the Chicago Tribune, has pronounced the White Sox dead! Rogers implicated that Sox will not be able to catch the Tigers or Twins because they are for real and have shown no signs of slowing down in the first six weeks of the season. My struggle with Rogers’s comments is I truly respect what he has to say, and I think he has a great baseball mind but it’s too early to call this team DEAD. Rogers was the first columnist to say White Sox to the World Series in 2005, and he also had no problem getting on the Cubs all the years that the Tribune owned the Cubs, but he’s wrong this time.

While a win last night would have improved the Sox’s position greatly, it’s not worth calling it a year. This team will begin to hit the ball with more consistency. If you watched Carlos Quentin and Gordon Beckham at the plate last night you saw something that you have not seen in awhile, comfort. They did not look like they were pressing; instead they were letting the ball come to them. Quentin was on the ball last night and just missed two home runs, that’s a positive sign. Beckham drove the ball over Bobby Abreu’s head in the third, but Abreu leaped and caught the ball and robbed Beckham of a double. Juan Piere is batting .339 over the last 14 games.

Jake Peavy is pitching well, Mark Buerhle and Gavin Floyd will be fine, and the bats will begin to hit I’m sure of it. As pointed out by, Gavin Floyd’s turn around performance last year occurred after his first eight starts as he entered game nine in 2009 with a 7.71 ERA. I’m confident that we have not seen the true Chicago White Sox.

Also, the Twins are only 5-5 in their last 10, and the Tigers are 6-4 with a loss to the Sox this past Tuesday. To pronounce the Sox dead is ridiculous and I think Phil Rogers should take a look at more than the records.