in control

For the third time in four games the White Sox have 10 or more hits in a game and it looks like things are beginning to function like they should be on the South-side. The Sox are now 2-2 this week , but more importantly they’ve had three solid pitching performances this week and solid hitting. Buerhle pitched eight shut out innings tonight and Alexei Ramirez had a double and three-run homer.

It’s really not surprising at the weather gets warmer and humid that everything has improved for the Sox as they seem to have trouble in cooler weather. It’s beginning to look like the worst part of the season may be coming to an end for the White Sox, especially with some hot weather rolling into town including a 90-degreee Sunday afternoon game.

The other big moment will be tomorrow as Gavin Floyd makes his ninth start of the year which seems to be the magic moment of the season for Floyd. He entered the ninth game of the season last year with a 7.71 ERA, and never saw anything to close to that again. After letting up 36 earned runs in first eight starts of 2009, he only let up 51 earned runs in his next 21 starts. That basically averages out to 2.5 runs a game. Lights out!

It was good night for Chicago sports as the White Sox won easily and the Blackhawks took a 3-0 lead over the Sharks in the Stanley Cup playoffs. Chicago teams were feasting on some fish, yum!