Sometimes a little change like your intro song is just what you need to get things going. Gordon Beckham switched from the whimsical, “Your Love” by the Outfield to some serious rock by Metallica, “Seek and Destroy!” I have to give this switch a big thumbs up and it seems to be helping a bit. Since the switch on Thursday night Beckham has driven in three-runs, which is much more than he had been doing over the last few weeks.

Beckham had suggested no song at all when he comes to the plate because of his struggles, but that was when team Captain, Paul Konerko, stepped in. Konerko told Beckham that he would pick the intro music. Leave it to Konerko to pick a winner, as since he’s been a White Sox player Paulie has been coming to the plate to “Harvester of Sorrow” from Metallica.

As I’ve been saying for years, Metallica makes everyhting better. “SEARCHING, SEEK AND DESTROY!”