There was a time that Ramirez was a name that made you smile on both sides of the city. Aramis Ramirez, third baseman for the Chicago Cubs was the core of their offensive success since 2003, and Alexei Ramirez, shortstop for the Chicago White Sox was the core of their future. In a short amount of time and both have fallen from grace and while fans try to remain positive about both it’s becoming increasingly more difficult.

Aramis has become more of a liability in the Cubs line-up at this point with a .160 batting average with four home runs and 20 RBI’s. I thought when I started to write this article that their would be positive signs at this point for A-Ram but no such luck. He’s batting .162 in the last 10 games with five RBI’s and one homer. He showed signs of maybe snapping out of his funk with a walk-off home run against the Colorado Rockies on May 17, but has done little since then. His slugging percentage is a dismal .269 and he has struck out 40 times. It’s hard to believe that his best days are already behind him, but that might just be the case.

Meanwhile, the other Ramirez in town, Alexei, seems more worried about changing the pronunciation of his name rather than working on improving his skills. He has six errors this season and if you’ve watched him he’d have a few more if it wasn’t for the glove work of Paul Konerko at first base. I still believe that Alexei would have been better off if he were left at second base, but I’m not a manager. There is some good news as he’s starting to show a pulse at the plate batting .297 in his last 10 games with one homer, 10 RBI’s, a stolen base and five runs scored. That’s more like it.

I’m not going to get too excited just yet, but a return for both of the Ramirez’s to 2008 would be welcomed. Not really confident that will happen.