The White Sox beat a Cleveland Indians team last night that was missing their two key weapons, Grady Sizemore and Asdrubal Cabrera, which are both on the 15-day DL. This helped the Sox survive two Indian threats with runners in scoring position with no outs in two innings and White Sox starter, John Danks, escaped with only allowing two runs. This was the White Sox third victory in their last four games.

The bullpen shut down the lifeless Indians for four innings and the Sox easily took game one, 7-2. After losing five times to the Indians in the first six meetings this win felt good no matter the Indians current condition. If the Sox are as good as originally touted then this is the type of the game they should win easily, so while it’s not a win over the Rays, it’s still a positive sign. Double-digit hits again, which seems to be a more of a regular occurrence since the Tigers helped jump-start this last week.

The other story here is that Jake Peavy gave the team a pep-talk prior to the game. This type of talk seems to more beneficial to a team when it comes from another team member versus a manager or GM. Not saying that the outcome would have been any different without the talk from Peavy, but it didn’t do any harm. Peavy pitches this evening, so let’s hope he gets out of the first inning with minimal damage.