Digital enhancement reveals Greg Brady was actually wearing a 1908 Cubs tiki when he had his brush with death in Hawaii.

It seems the infamous Cubs’ “curse” isn’t exclusive to the Cubs alone.  Much like the tiki idol necklace in the Brady Bunch’s Hawaii episodes, horrible luck is rubbing off on everything the organization touches.

First, it’s announced that BP will sponsor the annual series between the Cubs and Sox and award the first BP Crosstown Cup to the winner this summer.  Meanwhile, a BP oil well blows out in the Gulf of Mexico causing what could end up being the worst ecological catastrophe in U.S. history.

Next, the Cubs go to Texas to take on the Rangers for their first interleague series of the year.  They take the series from the Rangers but also apparently take away their solvency as the Rangers are forced to file for bankruptcy the very next day.

Now the bad juju seems to be coming full circle as Wrigley Field has just lost power in the top of the 4th, bringing the game to an abrupt halt.  Maybe the only solution is to just return the Cubs to that creepy Hawaiian burial cave and be done with it.