Ozzie is on a roll and his comments were not only accurate, but it was something that needed to be said about Cowboy Joe West, Country Joe West, or what ever the hell is he calls his pudgy self. This is what Ozzie had to say about West yesterday, “He’s (an expletive),” Guillen said, “That’s what he is. I just went out to ask him … I’m not going out to argue about the balk because the rule, but I went out to ask him why he’s embarrassing Buehrle and he give me one of this (dismissing him with his hands). When you’re a professional and you have to respect the managers, the way we’re supposed to respect the umpires, they are supposed to respect back.”

This was the most important statement Guillen made, “People pay to watch players play, not to see umpires and managers. I don’t see any people say, ‘I’m going to see Ozzie Guillen manage or Joe West umpire.’ ”

Exactly Ozzie! You nailed it, but maybe Hillbilly Joe was hoping to sell a few more copies of his shitty CD by taking over the spotlight on Wednesday afternoon. Maybe we should call in the Ligue boys to take care of the situation the next time West is in town. Ok, that’s a little extreme, just ask poor KC first base coach, Tom Gamboa, who was attacked by the father/son duo in 2003.

At the very least, Joe West needs to be disciplined for his actions in the game yesterday. Umpires need  to be held to similar standards to managers, not this God-like status where they are not held accountable. Ozzie has rebounded to take a 3-2 lead in Who Da Man?