At least the weather was good and the beer was cold

Just when you thought the Cubs were starting to build some momentum—POOF!!!  Having won series over decent teams like Colorado, Texas, LA and splitting with NL-leading Philadelphia, Cubs fans had reason to believe things were turning around going into a huge divisional battle against the hated St. Louis Cardinals.

But that warm and fuzzy feeling lasted about four minutes as a usually solid Randy Wells needed only 16 pitches to give the Cards a 5-0 lead on six consecutive hits while not recording a single out.  Wells ERA ballooned from a solid 3.99 to 4.79 as a result. From our awesome 6th-row seats behind first base, it appeared that Wells just lacked velocity as the Cards pummeled one first-pitch fast ball after another.

Mercifully, Lou Piniella pulled him before things got any worse as Wells simply didn’t have it.  It was later reported that Wells was suffering from flu-like symptoms before the game.  This would explain the horrible performance, but it doesn’t explain why Lou would still choose to put a clearly-ailing pitcher out there to get lit up.  Maybe he was simply trying to put the infamous rotation/bullpen situation to bed by embarrassing Wells and paving his way to the ‘pen?  That seems unlikely, but you never know with this soap opera that is the 2010 Cubs.

The head on my Old Style barely had time to settle and the game was already over. Those five runs proved to be more than enough for the Cards who eventually won a subsequently uneventful and boring game, 7-1.  On the bright side, we had incredible seats on a spectacular day and the aforementioned beers were cold and plentiful.