The White Sox shocked the Cleveland Indians as they came back from a 6-2 deficit in the fifth inning to beat the Indians 8-7 at US Cellular Field. The Indians are to the Sox this year as the Pirates are to the Cubs this year; a team they should beat but can’t seem to win against consistently. It’s really sad we have to get excited over an Indians win, really sad.

The Sox bats knocked around starter Jake Westbrook and the Indians bullpen with another double-digit hitting attack. This has become the most consistent part of the White Sox game at this point in the season, and they’ll need it with the Detroit Tigers coming into town tomorrow night.

Paul Konerko hit his 17th homer run and 41st RBI’s of the season and the hot-hitting Carlos Quentin had a three RBI afternoon for the Sox. Unfortunately, the Sox had to bailout former Sox ace, Mark Buerhle, who only lasted three innings allowing six earned runs. Not good.

A win is a win and we’ll take it anyway we can at this point. It was good enough to gain a game on the Twins and end the weekend on a good vibe. The real challenge is up next, the Detroit Tigers. I’ll be at the game on Wednesday night with Detroit Smitty who will morph into Cubby Smitty by Friday for the Crosstown series at Wrigley. It could be a perfect week, Freddy Garcia win on Wednesday night against the Tigers, Blackhawks win and clinch the Cup as Smitty and I watch the game in the Bullpen Sportsbar, and finally the White Sox pound the crap out the Cubs with home runs by Konerko, Quentin, and Alex Rios. GO SOX!!!! I foreseen it.