Kenny Williams stated that he was looking for an immediate impact player with the no. 13 pick of the draft and as if the Sox had paid off the twelve teams ahead of them in the draft LHP, Chris Sale, came to the Sox. Most reports had Sale as a Top 5 pick, but the Sox were able to grab him at the 13th spot. It’s hard to believe he fell to 13 when you read his resume; in the Cape Cod league last summer he went 4-2 with a 1.47 ERA and 57 strike outs in 55 innings, and as a junior this past season for the Florida Gulf Eagles he pitched to a 11-0 record with a 2.01 ERA and 146 strike outs in 103 innings with only 14 walks. Those are some pretty stellar numbers and lead to a pitcher of the year award.

Is this a sign that the acquisition of Sale will lead to sale for the White Sox this season? I think it just might be the signs that a pitching sale might be a little easier for the White Sox, especially if they truly feel that Sale will be on the fast track to the majors like Gordon Beckham. If his stuff is as good as his numbers then it will be the fast track indeed.

While it looked like the Sox completely depleted their young talent at pitching from the Juan Pierre and Jake Peavy trade, they did not. Carlos Torres is waiting in the wings at Charlotte with 73 strikeouts in 72.1 innings and a 3.46 ERA and Dan Hudson has posted a 7-2 record with 67 strikeouts in 58.1 innings. Hudson had to be stretched out again as a starter this season after working in relief for the Chicago White Sox last season. The only problem is both pitchers are right-handers, which makes it difficult for the Sox to move both John Danks and Mark Buerhle this season with out getting pro-ready lefty starters back in the deal.

Even if my theory is correct, that the Sale’s addition makes it easier to move a Buerhle or Danks, he would not be competing for a spot until next Spring at the earliest, but if Danks or Buerhle gets traded it would mean the Sox are done competing so who really cares? An interesting thing to consider would be if the Cardinals want Buerhle would they be willing to give up a young talent like Jaime Garcia? The Cardinals might, if they feel it makes their team stronger to have a playoff veteran on their roster as they make a run. Again, this is speculation and a few wishes on my part.

This week will pretty much make the decision a little easier for Williams if he should be looking towards September 2010 or looking towards 2011. Let’s hope this does not happen and the Sox get back into the race.