It dawned on me last night that  it’s a head-to-head face off between Smitty and I this week as the White Sox will face off against Smitty’s two fav’s, the Detroit Tigers and Chicago Cubs. Smitty has the upper-hand going into game two of this six-game face off.

While the Tigers continued to struggle against Gavin Floyd over the first six innings, they welcomed normally reliable reliever , Matt Thornton, by scoring five runs off him to take a 6-2 lead. Scott Line”stink” came in for mop-up duty and let up a solo homer to Carlos Guillen to give the Tigers a 7-2 winner.

Floyd brought a 5-0 record into the game against the Tigers and left with it as he struck eight and had a 2-1 lead. The biggest story on the field was that this was the game following the almost perfect game from Armando Galarraga. He was nothing close to perfect and survived for only five innings. The Sox had opportunities to knock him out the game even earlier, but they could not get a timely hit to add to the 2-0 lead off a Mark Kotsay homer.

I was shocked when I heard that Galarraga had a perfect game going last week because he’s not that good of a pitcher. His lifetime ERA against the Sox is well over five and he has not lasted more than 5.2 innings in any start this season except for his near perfect game. He came back down to earth in Chicago last night.

So as Rivalry Week gets started Smitty takes the early 1-0 lead, but I like the White Sox chances tonight with “The Tiger Assassin” Freddy Garcia on the mound this evening. It’ll be humid out there tonight, and I’m sure there were some cocktails flowing last night with some key Tiger offensive threats. Smitty and I will be there tonight trying to watch live baseball and keep up with a possible Stanley Cup clincher for the Blackhawks. My prediction is a 1-1 tie going into Thursday’s game.