As Smitty and I were walking into US Cellular Field on Wednesday evening he spoke of having a 3-0 lead going into the Cubs series today, but that’s not how it turned out. The Sox unleashed dominate pitching and hitting on the Tigers smacking them around 15-3 on Wednesday and 3-0 yesterday afternoon. The Sox have outscored the Tigers this season 26-14 and with a series win against the Cubs this weekend the Sox would be righting the ship.

No matter what happens this afternoon at Wrigley Smitty will be having a good laugh, since I’ll be wearing a Cubs jersey and hat because of the Starling Castro meathead comment that I made. I knew when I accepted the bet based on my comment that “Castro would be hitting .250 after his first full week in the Majors,” I was doomed. He only needed to get three hits since he had so few at bats. Oh well, I stick to my word even when it’s done in full meathead mode.

There’s a good opportunity that we’ll be at the game for six hours as Jake Peavy will be facing Randy Wells. Neither has pitched all that well of late, but Wells has been more consistent this season. I’m pretty confident the Sox will be getting their third straight win this afternoon at Wrigley. GO SOX GO!!!!