I have to admit something, I really could not have believed in my wildest dreams that things would going this well this week as the Sox squared off against the Tigers and Cubs. The White Sox have seemed on the verge of turning the corner for weeks now, but they have been unable to play better than.500 ball. I set this week as the benchmark and so did the White Sox as Kenny Williams talked about having “to listen” to offers which is something he’s not accustom to doing.

A win tonight would certainly make him a little reluctant to answer those phone calls. The Sox have finally gotten to within striking distance of .500 and have moved to 7.5 back in AL Central. This all occurring as the Minnesota Twins players begin to complain about hitting in their new ballpark, Target Field. The playing field has been leveled this year with the addition of Target Field, and this may just allow the Sox with a good June to get back into the hunt.

Meanwhile, things are not so good on the North-side as the Sox look to make history by sweeping the Cubs at Wrigley Field this evening in front of an ESPN Sunday Night baseball audience. Carlos Silva had a reaction like the other Carlos on a play he thought should have been made, which does not bode well for the clubhouse as the Cubs have fallen a season high eight games below .500. The Sox have taken control of this series winning five in-a-row, eight out of the last 10, and taking a series lead of 39-35. I should calm down a bit as the Sox are beating the Cubs as I would be saying the same thing to a Cubs fan if I were on the other end of this thing. Neither team has played up to expectations this season, but someone had to emerge victorious.

My excitement comes from the fact that this all started with winning two out of three from the Tigers, a team playing like a contender this season, and if we go back to Sunday the Sox have won five out of six. They are doing it with starting pitching and the bats are performing when necessary. This was the formula we were sold as Sox fans in the beginning of the season and it looks like it’s beginning to take shape. A win tonight carried over to some wins in Pittsburgh next week could have all of the South-side whistling a different tune ( Taps had become the favorite.)

Until this evening I shall spend the day smiling thinking about the possible sweep this evening, which seems kind of inevitable at this point. GO SOX!!!!