Dear Smitty,

I would like to thank you as a Sox fan for making wear that awful Cubs jersey to the game on June 11 in order to honor our bet. It seemed traumatic at the time and it really was a strange experience but it served the greater good.

Since I put on the 47-Beck, Cubby blue jersey the White Sox are 8-1 and have won six games in a row to climb to .500. Somehow, the wearing of the jersey sent such a tremble through the baseball heavens that it awoke a sleeping giant, the White Sox. Let me paint you a picture…

There’s Shoeless Joe standing next to Ty Cobb and Babe Ruth saying look at what our fans will do, let’s give them a chance. As Cobb mumbles some obscenities under his breath with an approving nod and Ruth says, “as long as it’s not the Sox that traded me, go for it, that kid’s taking one for the team,” Joe picked up the White Sox statue on the marble baseball diamond and placed it in the upright position.

I know I’m not alone in giving you thanks, as a regular reader of our blog, John Beachum, pointed this phenomenon out to me earlier today. So in closing on behalf of all White Sox fans thanks for making me wear that clown suit.


Peter Verniere