Third inning on Saturday at Wrigley.

Before Cub fans spout-off, I’m well aware that the Cubs beat the Angels on Sunday 12-1, and a winning streak has to start somewhere. However, the scene at Wrigley on Saturday afternoon was not a good scene, nor was the showing by Cub fans. As you can see from the picture above there were many empty seats at Wrigley, which is something new for Cub fans, not Sox fans. The seats that were filled were overrun with Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim fans, which was the most shocking to me.

The display on the field was typical of the year so far from the Cubs; errors and no hitting. The cheers from the Angel fans were deafening the boos of the Cub fans. I was shocked and had never witnessed anything like this before at Wrigley. I mean, sure, maybe at a Crosstown Classic game because its two Chicago teams, but I’ve never witnessed this with a visiting team from another city.

Wrigley had dropped to half capacity by the 6th inning after the Cubs fell behind 8-0 in the top half of the inning. A little surprising that there was no hope at all from the fans, but at the same time you can’t blame fans for not having hope at his point. The mood lacked the carefree, party spirit that normally consumes Wrigley, and everyone seemed a little defeated before the first pitch was thrown.

The ultimate display of weirdness occurred on the way out of the park, a Cubs fan crying in his seat after the loss. This might have been understandable if it was a child but it was an adult male in his 30’s crying after a loss to the Angels. Grow a set man. Crying at a baseball game because your team just lost to the Angels on June 19 while you’re in a division that’s still winnable is hardly worth crying about. Well, then again he is a Cubs fan, maybe he bet the under on runs scored.