Moron out of control!

It’s been an interesting run for the White Sox for several reasons, one is that on June 8 there was talk of blowing up the team and now they are only 1-1/2 games behind the Twins and a 1/2 game  behind the Tigers,another is Gavin Floyd has posted a .093 ERA during this run and only has one win to show for it, and finally the strangest thing of all is the fact there’s been a sports story in Chicago everyday to overshadow what the White Sox have done.

As the White Sox dominated the Atlanta Braves the Blackhawks were dismantling their Stanley Cup Champions team and the Bulls were making room under the salary cap to sign LeBron James and Chris Bosh. Now we come to Friday’s game and instead of the cover stories of every Chicago sports section featuring stories about the Sox winning their tenth game in-a-row and being only tip-toes away from first place they are featuring the biggest asshole in Chicago, Carlos Zambrano.

Look a happy dugout!

As the Sox clobbered Zambrano on Friday afternoon in the first inning he took the exception to two balls that he felt should have been handled by Derek Lee and Aramis Ramirez that lead to two Sox doubles. What an idiot! He then proceeded to lose it in the dugout. The spectacle was so entertaining that according to Chicago Tribune Breaking News Center, the second base umpire stopped Carlos Quentin on his way out to right field and pointed out the scene in the dugout.

I do not know why anyone would be surprised by this or why it’s all over the front page of every sports section, the news is old! Zambrano does not deserve to be in baseball, he should take his lunacy to Vince McMann and become a professional wrestler. He does not want to listen, never will and anyone who bought his act earlier in the year should take an IQ test. The Cubs are being commended for their bold move of suspending him indefinitely, really we’re commending the Cubs for this. How about firing Jim Hendry right now for the mess he’s created, that would be worth commending.

My advice to the Cubs would be to look for some sort of loophole in Zambrano’s contract where it can be voided for such acts of lunacy in the dugout and treatment of teammates.

There must be some sort of code of conduct policy that Zambrano is most definitely not following. Exercise it and send the asshole packing!