The White Sox win streak ended at 11 games this afternoon to the Cubs in an 8-6 battle that saw the Sox down five runs in the bottom of the ninth sending the winning run to the plate. This weekend was almost a replay of two weekends ago when the Sox took the first two at Wrigley and then had the winning run on second in the top of the ninth but not get it home.

The biggest difference in this series was the Sox decided to have a night game during which for the most part have banned for the last five plus years except for the occasional Sunday night baseball. I was at the Saturday night game where there had to be several fans removed from the bleacher section where I was sitting including the biggest idiot of the game three rows in front of us.

After Aramis Ramirez tied the game at 2-2 with a home run, the very large Cubs fan shook his beer and began to shower all the fans in front of him with the beer. I have two problems with this; one, that is beer abuse and the other the obvious , that he was acting like a jerk-off. Security went over there in a hurry and instead of leaving quietly he resisted and had to restrained by four security officers then cuffed.

The biggest mess came from a Cubs fan but their were plenty of Sox fans acting like meatheads also, and based on what I saw on Saturday night I would not anticipate a night game on the schedule next year. It’s a shame that the crowds at this series seem to have trouble controlling themselves and consistently resort to fighting as a solution.

The Sox were awarded the BP cup on Saturday night after the game ended, it seemed like none of the players really wanted to touch it at first but it was eventually hoisted. The players were probably fearful that it had oil on it.

Now that the excitement and stupidity surrounding  the Crosstown Classic is over the Sox can get back to business in their division and the American League beginning Monday night against the Kansas City Royals. Hopefully they can begin another winning streak.