It’s an interesting few days for White Sox fans as the two teams, Tigers and Twins, that are just a few steps ahead of the Sox in the AL Central square off for a three game series starting tonight at Target Field. This is how I’ve worked it out as the best case scenario for the White Sox. Let’s assume for a minute based on the way the Sox have been playing that they sweep the Royals, which is not that far-fetched at the moment. If that happens, we need the Tigers to win two out of three.

Let me break it down for you, with the assumption that the Sox sweep the Royals they would end the three game series with a tie for first with the Tigers because the Tigers are only 1/2 game back. If the Tigers and Sox both win tonight the Sox will only gain a 1/2 game because the Tigers are only a 1/2 back, so the Sox will move to one game back. That being the case another win from the Tigers and Sox would push the Twins to third and the Sox would hold at one back. Then a Twins win would put them at a 1/2 back and the Sox and Tigers would be tied when the Sox complete the sweep.

How great would it be to say on Wednesday night that the White Sox are now in first place? It would be pretty amazing!