The X-Factors are contributing.

When the White Sox started the season we all knew that their starting pitching would be dominant and while it took a little while for the rotation to settle in it has been dominating. At this point, they are by far the best starting rotation in the AL Central and should be looking at Detroit and Minnesota in the rearview mirror by the All-Star break this weekend.

The biggest news is not the fact that the starting rotation has finally shown up the last month, but the fact that Carlos Quentin and Alexei Ramirez seem back to form. Both CQ and A-Ram were question marks coming into the season, and they are beginning to answer those question with both their offense and defense.

CQ has hit eight home runs in the last 13 games and A-Ram has raised his average over 30 points to .281. If you look at both players over the last 10 games it doesn’t get much hotter. A-Ram is batting .417 with 15 hits, two home runs, six RBI’s, and three runs. While CQ’s average is only .300 over the last 10 games his power numbers are huge; four home runs, 10 RBI’s, and nine runs.

Both players are back on pace for matching their numbers from their best seasons. Quentin is on pace for 30 home runs and 106 RBI’s, while Ramirez is on pace for 16 home runs and 66 RBI’s. Both of these players were talked about as X-factors coming into the season. If both of these players could get back to form then the White Sox would have a solid offensive performance and be tough to beat. I have good news for White Sox fans, that’s exactly what is happening, as for Tigers and Twins fans enjoy your few moments on top because it’s over.