Well we’ve hit the official mid-season point (I know it’s actually a few games past) in Major League Baseball and now I think it’s time to look at our predictions, as I thought things would be a little different today then they were a few days.

Some things haven’t changed since Smitty covered this, like we have no grasp on the National League, but even though my AL East leader, the Rays are out of first they are still the wildcard leader which makes me a perfect four for four with AL playoff teams.

Meanwhile, we knew the Braves were going to be good, but who new Dusty would be leading the NL Central with the Big Red Machine. As for the NL West, well, that’s still up for grabs even though San Diego is leading my prediction, the San Francisco Giants by four games. The Giants are only two out of the Wildcard.

I still think that Smitty and I will fair a little better in the NL when the season ends, but here it is!

AL East leaders – New York Yankees
Pete’s prediction – Tampa Bay Rays
Smitty’s prediction – New York Yankees

AL Central leaders – Chicago White Sox
Pete’s prediction – Chicago White Sox
Smitty’s prediction – Detroit

AL West leaders – Texas Rangers
Pete’s prediction – Texas Rangers
Smitty’s prediction – Texas Rangers

AL Wild Card leaders – Tampa Bay Rays
Pete’s prediction – New York Yankees
Smitty’s prediction – Chicago White Sox

NL East leaders – Atlanta Braves
Pete’s prediction – Atlanta Braves
Smitty’s prediction – Atlanta Braves

NL Central leaders – Cincinnati Reds
Pete’s prediction – Milwaukee Brewers
Smitty’s prediction – Chicago Cubs

NL West leaders – San Diego Padres
Pete’s prediction – San Francisco Giants
Smitty’s prediction -Arizona Diamondbacks

NL Wild Card –  Los Angeles Dodgers
Pete’s prediction – Philadelphia Phillies
Smitty’s prediction – Philadelphia Phillies