It’s never easy when the White Sox go to Minnesota and not much has changed with the new ballpark. The Sox jumped out to an early four run lead by the top of the second inning before giving back six runs to the Twins in the bottom half of the inning. The Twins were the lucky recipients of four outs on a fly ball that Alex Rios should have caught, but somehow was not given an error.

The Sox prevailed though as they scored one in the fourth and three in the fifth to take an 8-6 lead and held on to win 8-7 with a four out 1-1/3 inning save from Bobby Jenks.

The Sox continued to go about their business and found a way to win. It’s gotten to the point where I just expect the Sox to win no matter what the score. If they were down eleven nothing in the ninth, right now it seems like they would find a way to win. So the amazing run continues as the Sox follow their 11-game win streak with their current nine-game win streak going for 10 tomorrow. The Sox have a one game lead over the Tigers and now lead the Twins by 4-1/2 games. All I can say is this has been really fun!