Nice mustache!

It seemed Carl Pavano’s ball was making some funny movement against the White Sox on Saturday night to the point that maybe there was something a little extra on the ball? The radio crew of Ed Farmer and Darrin Jackson certainly thought so, in fact Farmer, ex-Sox pitcher seemed pretty positive.

“Darrin with the way Pavano’s ball is moving it looks like he’s throwing spit balls out there,” exclaimed Farmer, adding.” if I were Ozzie [Gullien] I would ask the ump to check him.”

Farmer continued to these accusations for the next few innings to the point that I was convinced that Pavano was definitely up to something. It kind of reminder me of the movie Major League, maybe Pavano was putting “snot on the ball.” It’s hard to trust a guy with an 80’s Tom Selleck mustache, but if he is cheating shame on Ozzie for not having him checked.

Which leads me to the next possibility and back to Pavano’s ‘stache. What if he had something in the ‘stache, how would the umpire been able to check something like that? How bizarre and uncomfortable would it have been if the umpire was out on the mound asking Pavano to touch his ‘stache? Probably a little too much David Lynch for baseball.

I saw some video replay this morning of Pavano’s pitches and while he did have some unique movement on his ball I’m pretty sure, just like Mike Mussina did a few years ago with the Yankees, he’s figured out how to pitch again with the addition of a knuckle-type change.

The best news is that somehow the White Sox have lost two in a row and have increased their lead over the second place Tigers by one, 1/2 game to 1-1/2 games going into Sundays game. As I’ve been typing this story Jhonny Peralta just hit an inside the park home run for the Indians to take a three nothing lead over the Tigers.